Vanessa Juloux

Anthropologist, philosopher, digital humanist

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Upcoming Conferences and Symposium

Schedule November 2017

American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)

Session: Encoding data for Digital Discovery

co-chairing with Amy Gansell

Session: Study of Violence from the Region of the Ancient Near East and Its Neighbors 2017

co-chairing with Leann Pace

Lecture: What Exactly Are the Digital Humanities and Why Should Scholars of the Ancient Near East Care

Talk with published proceeding: What about Considering an Author’s Intentionality for Revisiting a Text-Genre of a Narrative Story? A Concrete Example with the Cycle of Ba‘lu and ‘Anatu

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Schedule March 2018

Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA)

co-chairing with Alessandro di Ludovico

Schedule September 2018

ASOR/EPHE European Symposium 2018

co-organized with Randall W. Younker

Session: Interaction between Violence, Order, and Conflict within the Political Sphere of Ancient Worlds

Session: Collaborative Projects among European and International Scholars for the Study of Ancient Worlds Using Digital Approaches

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